Processing the aerial parts of your crop needs careful planning from the start. When growing the crop You need to think about how your going to process it even before harvesting it! It's very important, so when you come to harvest time, there is not 200 kilos of fresh herb to dry and process at once. Grow your crops in blocks  three weeks apart.

Leafy crops need either hammer milling or chaff cutting. It depends what the buyer needs in the end. How are you going to know what market your herb is going to? The best way is to leave the crop in a condition that it can be milled down. If it's hammer milled you

Heartsease crop.

can't always get a sale for finely cut herb. Leave the herb in a chaffcut state or not cut at all, until you know what state it needs to be in. Chaffcutting is still the best way to present any leafy crop in, but you can't always get it in a small chaffcut state to one centimetre. Lemongrass needs to be presented in one to two centimetre pieces for sale. Yarrow needs to be the same. Echinacea tops can be milled through a hammermill on a large screen only. So you can see there are lots of ways to process your crops.
What about flowers? When plucking flower crops like Chamomile and Calendula, these crops need no further processing than drying.
When packing your product for sale in health food stores in your own value added packets, tea grade herbs need a fair amount of time spent packing them and making the product for market presentation.



Here we are hammer milling Lemon Myrtle to a tea grade size of 1/2 inch flakes.