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How to Grow Medicinal Herbs for the American Markets




This little book I have written, for the American Markets, is an insight  into Growing and harvesting medicinal herbs as a business. It is not a 'how to get your hands dirty' guide. I have compiled a Grower Information Pack for this in depth subject with lots of pictures of my efforts of growing herbs on the farm. I've been growing these specialty crops for 38 years now. All the pictures in this book, I have taken myself over the years of growing these specialty crops, and I have written this book over many years, as the information keeps changing.

The company called Mediherb in Queensland Australia has a sister company in America called Standard Process. This company has taken many tons of herbal dehydrated produce from us.
My father Mr Phil Pleasance owned a business in Melbourne Australia called  Martin & Pleasance Wholesale.They supplied and manufactured all the Bach Flower Remedies, Vitamins & Minerals and Herbal Supplements to the Australian market.
Since then, I have worked the raw material end of that business, and  started producing medicinal herbs for the Australian markets for 32 years, and my experience in organic farming and gardening has been a great journey.

These Books provide a detailed knowledge of farming herbs for a profitable business operation

The Grower Pack and How to Grow Medicinal Herbs for the American Markets, were put together for growers attending my field days in Kyogle NSW. They have been a very popular item on my web site for years now and continue to be published in various places like and Kindle publishing.